Greyson Academy

Greyson Academy

Training for Excellence

NRA Basic Pistol Permit Course

The one-day program at Greyson Guns includes classroom instruction, the live-fire portion and the written test in a clean, safe, and comfortable atmosphere. Our team of instructors covers additional instruction on the five basics of marksmanship, firearm selection, and more. This class is a great foundation for the new shooter, and sets you  up perfectly for our private instruction and skill builder sessions!

Private Instruction

Just like people, every gun is different in size, strength and ability – That’s why we encourage you to take lessons through the Greyson Academy! In doing so, you’ll work one-on-one with our private instructor to feel safe, comfortable and confident in the use of firearms while refining your skills and building proficiency.

Greyson Guns Shooting Range & Club and Greyson Academy offers both group and private instruction 7 days a week. We’ll tailor a personal curriculum based on your goals and current skill level to maximize your full potential and achieve your goals. Get started today and Train for Excellence, the Greyson Way.

Single Session Rates:
Half Hour Single: $65
One Hour Single: $100
One-Hour Semi-Private: $150
Series Rates:
5 Half-Hour Single Series: $250
3 One-Hour Single Series: $280
5 One-Hour Single Series: $450


Skill Builders

Greyson Academy’s Skill Builders consists of three sessions that focus on improving your proficiency. We target and build on the basics of shooting so you can secure a solid shooting foundation.


We offer series of seminars (some with range time) throughout each month to build and strengthen our community’s knowledge and confidence. Greyson Academy’s seminars consists of CT Law, How to Purchase a Firearm, Women’s Safety, Home Theft Prevention, Safety for Your College Kid, and many more!